Dental Implants

Implant dentistry offers a clinically proven and safe solution to replace missing teeth and being
able to bite and chew with confidence as well as having a great, natural looking smile! When you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone and surrounding tissues start to naturally resorb or ‘shrink back’ over time. When implants are placed in the jaw, it stimulates the remaining bone to grow and mesh around the metal, along with tiny blood vessels which help to stabilise the implant.

More importantly, dental implants help to restore function so you can eat, chew and bite without your dentures moving or having to stick to a soft foods for the rest of your life!

Whether it’s one tooth or several teeth, implants are a great way to get your smile back. If you are interested in finding out more, please come and book a consultation and one of our dentists here at Bonnyrigg we will be happy to answer any questions and help you to decide if implant treatment is right for you.

At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we offer different implant options. To replace one or two teeth we would place one implant in the jaw and build either a single tooth crown or a two unit bridge on top to replace the missing teeth. To replace multiple teeth we would place a couple of implants and build teeth on top. If you have full dentures don’t worry we also offer a procedure called All on Four. This consists of placing between four and six implants in the upper jaw and between two and four in the lower. We are then able to build fixed or removable teeth on top and you will not be left without teeth at any time!

For more information call Bonnyrigg Dental Care on 0131 663 3370 or pop in to the practice to chat with the team.

bonnyrigg dental implant explained