Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we know not everyone is 100% happy with their smile or appearance of their teeth. This can effect their confidence in a big way.
At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we offer many different cosmetic treatments that can help improve your smile which will give you back the confidence you deserve. This includes treatments such as teeth whitening, white fillings, porcelain veneers, crown and bridge work, implants, braces and many more. Our dedicated dental team are proud to offer these treatments to patients and are always excited to see their hard work pay off.
If you feel you would like us to help you improve your smile please call, email or pop into the practice and book your consultation today.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you feel your teeth are stained, chipped or not quite the right shape or size for your smile? If so then veneers may be an option for you to consider.

They look natural and don’t require a big procedure to have them.

A veneer is a thin, tooth shape and coloured piece of porcelain (similar to a false nail) that is bonded onto your natural tooth. Based on your needs we can design the shape of your veneer(s) to match your smile.

If just one veneer is required we can match the shape and shade to your other teeth so no one will know which tooth is the veneer. Veneers can also be used to close gaps and lengthen teeth however this is not an orthodontic fix.

In some cases veneers may not be appropriate however there are other options available.

Teeth Whitening

Do you feel your teeth could be lighter or brighter? Do you feel self conscious about smiling?

Whitening is a great way to lighten your teeth.

At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we use a home bleaching system.

If you are suitable for tooth whitening then the dentist will take some impressions and send them to our lab to make a snug clear tray that will fit over your teeth. Your dentist will then spend time with you, demonstrating how to use the trays with the whitening gel .You will see the results over two weeks.

Your teeth will appear whiter.

White fillings (White composite Fillings)

Do you have silver fillings that show in photos? Do you need some fillings in your back teeth but don’t want metal fillings? If the answer is yes then white fillings might be an option for you. where a silver filling is fixed into a tooth using retention, a white filling or “composite” is bonded in.

This means that less healthy tooth tissue is taken away during the prep. Tooth decay is removed along with any old fillings and a white filling is bonded in place. The new filling is made from a hard substance which will with stand the force of chewing and biting. Also there will be no silver glints when you smile, giving your teeth their natural look back.

Unlike silver fillings, composites in back teeth are not available under the NHS. This means that white fillings on molars are a private option.

If you are interested in these then please ask one of our dentists at your check up or book in for a consultation.

Our dentists believe prevention is always better than cure. At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we encourage all our patient to practice great oral hygiene and have regular check ups with us to ensure all decay is kept at a minimum and detected early.

We recommend white fillings as a good solution that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and affordable.


Implants are a great option if you have a gap or gaps you would like filled! Thanks to advances in dentistry bridges and dentures are not the only option to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium screws that replace the root of your tooth .

Crowns, bridges and dentures can then be built on top of them. When you lose your natural teeth, your bone and soft tissues begin to resorb over time. When implants are placed, they stimulate the bone and it grows rounf the metal and regenerates. This secures the implant.

Implants help restore your mouth to function fully. This means you can eat, chew and bit without fear of your dentures falling out or constantly having to eat soft food. They also improves the aesthetics by filling any gaps in your smile.

At Bonnyrigg Dental Care we use a system called Noble Biocare. It is a great system and the reps are always on hand to give us the latest tips and advice.

For more information call the practice on 0131 663 3370 or pop along to speak to a member of our team.


If you require a more extensive restoration than a crown or have more than one tooth that needs to be repaired, a good solution is a bridge. Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base which gives them a solid structure and makes them hard wearing. If you need a bridge in your smile line, porcelain is usually added to the base to make it look more like real teeth. A bridge helps to strengthen the prepared teeth and makes chewing and eating easier because they are fixed and can’t come out. Some bridges can also be fixed to your jaw with dental implants, if you have several teeth next to each other that are missing. Once you have a bridge fitted, we at Bonnyrigg Dental Care recommend a strenuous oral hygiene routine. As well as daily interdentally cleaning we recommend regular visits to the dentist and hygienist to make sure all the surrounding teeth and soft tissues are healthy. Your mouth will also feel extra fresh and clean.


For those teeth that have broken, have large fillings or not aesthetically pleasing, a crown is a great option to replace them. A crown works by fitting snugly over a prepped tooth making it strong and giving it a natural shape. We will also match the crown colour to your own teeth. A crown is also a great solution if you would like to improve the look of your smile. They can be designed to give you a more aesthetic smile. It is also recommended to have a crown placed if you have had a root canal filling. This is because crowns are more hard wearing and also cover the full surface of the tooth, protecting the root filling.

Crowns can also be used to anchor a bridge or denture.

For more information on crowns please call our practice on 0131 663 3370 or email at If you would like to come in and speak to a member of out team please drop by and someone will be happy to help.


An effective long­ term solution to straightening your teeth and correcting your bite is orthodontics.

Orthodontics is a subspecialty area in dentistry that focuses on aligning and straightening teeth using wires and brackets that apply force to the teeth to move them into a particular position. The discipline has advanced over decades and today treatment is a lot shorter and more comfortable than it was in the past. Patients who have problems with their bite and the way their top and bottom teeth line up against each other should consider having orthodontic treatment.

Treatment does require good oral hygiene habits by the patient and regular visits to the practice for check­ups and adjustments. Depending on the extent of the alignment required with your teeth, treatment can take from several months to a year with reliable results. Thanks to fixed permanent retention you can be assured that your teeth won’t move after treatment is completed.

The main benefit of having orthodontic treatment is that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. When your bite is properly aligned and your teeth are straightened, there are less gaps and areas for food to get trapped and plaque to build up on the teeth, causing decay. In that sense, orthodontics is a long­term investment in your oral health.