Bonnyrigg Dental Care are very excited to announce we are now able to offer orthodontic braces both NHS and privately.

Why not contact the practice to find out the options available to you?

Why would i need orthodontic treatment?

People decide to go ahead and get braces for many different reasons. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons.

  •  I have a tooth that sits out of alignment compared to my other teeth
  •  I have a lot of gaps in my smile
  •  I want my teeth to look straighter
  •  I want to improve my smile

Types of braces

Conventional Braces

These are the silver brackets and wires that are bonded onto your teeth. These are fixed appliances that work by putting pressure on your teeth to move them.

Clear Braces

These work very similarly to conventional braces. The difference with these is the brackets are clear and the wires are white which makes them less noticeable at a social level.

Clear Aligners

Unlike the bracket systems, this appliance is removable. This system works by you wearing these clear aligners 24 hours a day. Every few weeks your aligners will be changed to adjust your teeth movements. People like these braces as they are virtually.

If you are interested in finding out more about our orthodontic treatment options then please call Bonnyrigg Dental Care on 0131 663 3370 or alternatively email us at

You can also visit us at the practice where our dedicated team are on hand to offer advice and information.